Top 10 Best Vlogging Camera 2019 | Reviews (Top Picks) & Guide

If you are looking for the best vlogging camera 2019, then you are in the right place. Vlogging has tremendously grown over the past few years and there are no signs of slowing down. In fact, there is all the likelihood that it is going to expand further. With this growth, thousands of people have taken up the trade due to its immense opportunities and benefits. Although you can use your smartphone camera, it is not perfect for creating high quality photos as well as unique images. In this light, it is advisable to invest in professional equipment, so that you can give your audience quality content. With so many cameras out there for vlogging, you can be easily overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the one for your specific needs and preferences.

Best Vlogging Camera

DSLRs usually offer the best when it comes to overall versatility. One of their greatest advantages is that they can capture both videos and photos. If you intend to integrate both videos and photos into your work, then you should look for a camera that can do both of them without any significant difficulty. If you are blogging on the move, it is advisable that you avoid action cameras. In addition to that, if you are a beginner, it is advisable to avoid cameras with interchangeable lenses. Go for something that is affordable and simple. You can then invest in expensive equipment later on, once you have mastered the trade. With the right vlogging camera, your work will be easier and faster, and you will produce high-quality video content.

Top 10 Best Vlogging Cameras 2018 | Top Ten reviews

1. Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR Body

Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR Body (Black)The Nikon D7200 remains one of the best vlogging cameras you can find on the market today. This is because of the unique features and ease of use. It is affordable with plenty of great features, to make your work easier. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the D7200 will ensure you produce high-quality videos, to meet the demands of your audience. With a small sensor, solid video and a fast auto-focus, the Nikon D7200 is probably one of the most efficient cameras, if you are shooting action photography like sports. So, is it worth the money?

Regarding design, the D7200 is almost similar to its predecessor the D7100. It features the same layout, buttons, height, grip, weight, and even the infrared sensors. Consumers prefer Nikon to other cameras because of consistency in design. You can easily upgrade to the next one without feeling out of touch. Its grip is deep, thus providing stability while offsetting the weight. You can shoot over long periods with minimal fatigue.

Furthermore, the camera is coated with a tactile finish, which prevents slipping especially when you are shooting in wet conditions. Most of its features are manually controlled. You can adjust white balance, image format, ISO, flash compensation and focus mode, using the buttons on the right and the left, thus avoiding trips to the menu. In terms of performance, the Nikon D7200 gets the job done efficiently. Its 24 MP sensor produces so much detail that it could hurt your eyes. Its ISO performance is also great.

The Nikon D7200 is a great dynamic machine and a good vlogging camera. It is responsive, nimble and a pleasure to shoot. Its sensor delivers terrific performances. For all-round photography, this vlogging camera is a clear winner. Therefore, it can be of great help in advancing photography skills.

  • Good image quality
  • Weatherproof
  • Advanced and fast auto-focus
  • Solid performance
  • Non-tilting screen
  • Lacks ergonomic improvements
2. Sony a7R III 42.4MP Full-frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera
Sony a7R III 42.4MP Full-frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera and 64GB memory card

The Sony a7R III is a great option for a wide range of photographers. It is one of the best vlogging cameras, with fast burst shooting speeds, great image quality, 4K quality video, and compact dimensions.

It comes with an improved processor, which will make your video-shooting work easier. It mirrors its predecessor when it comes to size. One of its best features is the improved battery life. As a vlogger, you will need to shoot thousands of videos, to come up with content for your audience. The Sony a7R III ensures you can manage that, thanks to its enhanced battery life. You can shoot more than three hours of 4K video. You can also fill a 64GB memory card with images and videos, and you will still have some remaining charge. Weighing at 1.46 pounds, the Sony a7R III is probably one of the lightest full-frame cameras on the market.

Similar to other modern cameras, the Sony a7R III features a multi-shot mode, which relies on the image stabilization system to adjust the sensor. With this feature, you can move the sensor by at least one pixel, making it possible to render any scene in full color. As for connectivity, you can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. For vloggers looking for the best vlogging camera with flip screen, the Sony a7R III is a reliable choice.

When it comes to the best vlogging cameras, you can always rely on the Sony a7R III. It has an exceptional and reliable combination of speed, accuracy, and performance. It delivers high-quality video content, which will put your audience at the edge of their seats. As much as it might appear like any other camera, once you spend time with it, you will realize it is far more engaging and enjoyable, as compared to the others. In addition to that, the enhanced image stabilization plays a significant role when it comes to offering images that are not only lasting but also optimal in quality.

  • Significantly improved battery life
  • 42.4MP full-frame sensor
  • Enhanced image stabilization
  • 10 FPS burst shooting
  • Great AF performance
  • Lacks anti-distortion shutter
3. Nikon D3400 w/ AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR (Black)
Nikon D3400 w/ AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR (Black)

The D3400 is one of the newest DSLR cameras from Nikon. It is specifically designed for beginners, who don’t have much experience when it comes to DSLR cameras. Despite being the most basic in the Nikon range, it comes with all the features you would expect in such a camera such as full manual control as well as raw format shooting. When it comes to design, it resembles its predecessor the Nikon D3300. It features textured coating around the body, while its deep grip delivers a feel of quality. It also has a retractable design, which folds when the camera is not in use. This design ensures that the camera takes up minimal space in your bag.

Some users have complained that the Nikon D3400 lacks Wi-Fi connectivity. However, SnapBridge is equally good. It helps to conserve power, especially during Bluetooth transfers. It therefore comes in handy when one is travelling in an area with no or limited power. It delivers great video and photo quality when you consider its price. Its automatic white balance is equally great. Processing raw files gives you great noise-reduction results. If you are shooting a movie, you will love its smooth and fast autofocus that stands out among its peers.

If you are looking for a good vlogging camera, then you should consider the Nikon D3400 as one of your most ideal choices. It comes with a beautifully compact body, huge battery life, a reliable AF system, and great image quality. It is also easy to use, while its affordable price makes it the best companion for vloggers worldwide.

  • Excellent image quality
  • Superb battery life
  • Compact and lightweight body
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet and compact kit lens
  • Great AF performance
  • No microphone port
  • Poor connectivity options
  • No touchscreen

4. PANASONIC LUMIX GH4 Body 4K Mirrorless Camera

Panasonic is renowned for high-quality, robust and high-performance cameras, and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 is not an exception. As one of the first CSC cameras to offer 4K quality, the GH4 delivers in almost all aspects. With a 16.05MP APS-C CMOS sensor, you can expect the best when it comes to image quality, excellent speeds, and long battery life.

The GH4 features a quad-core CPU as well as a Venus Engine image processor, which are specifically designed to deliver smooth video capture. With this powerful processor, you can also expect impressive burst mode figures, in the range of 7.5 frames per second when the continuous AF mode is enabled. This speed increases to 12 frames per second when you are working with the AF-S mode. Another great and important feature of the GH4 is the autofocus. As far as image review and composition are concerned, the GH4 comes equipped with numerous options. As much as the GH4 is a CSC by design, it gives you the feel of a mid-level DSLR, both in terms of build quality and design. Users with slightly larger hands will benefit from its large rubberized handgrip. Users will also appreciate its superior finish quality. It comes with a metal frame, which delivers durability.

If you are looking for a camera that can shoot 4K videos for your vlogs, then the Panasonic GH4 is just what you need. It combines impressive performances, durability and professional features that are not easy to come by. As much as it might have a few flaws, when you consider its price versus performance, then you will realize you are getting value for your money.

  • Impressive AF speed
  • Weatherproof and tough design
  • Superior video recording chops
  • Responsive all-round performance
  • Unique 4K video quality
  • Over-complicated control layout
5. Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera

If you are looking for the best vlogging camera with a flip screen, then the Canon EOS 70D presents an exceptional choice. It is solid and all-round. It also comes with all the features and specifications that you might expect from cameras in this category. Its image quality is outstanding, its performance is great and build quality is solid. It’s not easy to find a camera that comes close to what the Canon EOS 70D, for the price point.

This camera can shoot up to 7 frames per second at full resolution while delivering up to 16 raw files or 75 JPEGs. You can adjust its sensitivity within a range of 100 to 12,800. It also allows an expansion capacity of ISO 25,600. Canon was the first brand to introduce a DSLR with a touchscreen. The 70D goes beyond the normal, with a 3-inch 1,040,000 dot LCD, which can be used to scroll through images and make settings adjustments. If you don’t wish to use the touchscreen, then you can opt for the physical buttons, which are readily available.

Furthermore, its LCD screen is anchored on an articulating joint, which provides views from different angles. Wi-Fi connectivity is quickly becoming a must-have feature when it comes to vlogging cameras. The good news is that the 70D will not disappoint you, regarding this aspect. With the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can remotely control your camera, through a smartphone app. If you are a wildlife vlogger, then you will appreciate this feature.

Without a doubt, the Canon EOS 70D is a reliable partner for all your photography needs. As a vlogger, you will be shooting plenty of videos, and this camera is a great choice. Whether you are a full-time or part-time vlogger, this camera will suit all your needs. While it might not be the fastest camera in its class, its performance, speed, and image quality are unmatched.

– Articulated touchscreen
– Excellent image quality
– Impressive video autofocus
– Streamlined design
– Inbuilt Wi-Fi for remote control

– Hard-to-control multi-controller
– Single card slot
– Metering problems especially in high contrast

6. Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera

The Alpha a6300 is a mid-level mirrorless camera, which is designed for professional photography. It is also one of the best interchangeable lens cameras that you can find on the market today. Sony is renowned for quality when it comes to electrical gadgets, and this camera doesn’t disappoint.

In terms of design, it resembles the 6300. However, it is sturdier and more solid, thanks to its magnesium-alloy construction. Without the lens, it only weighs 14.3 ounces, which means it will not strain your hands. It also comes with compact dimensions, which makes its portability easy. Its grip features a faux leather texture, thus adding an extra level of stability when capturing images or photos. It also comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi, combined with NFC connectivity for pairing Android devices. Other connectivity options include an HDMI and USB ports. You can also use an external microphone since the camera has a mic jack. The battery is powerful, and it can support an entire day of shooting.

The Sony Alpha a6300 is a powerful and well-rounded camera, offering high image quality and decent speeds, even in poor lighting conditions. It is a great camera for anyone who wants to capture 4K videos and images under a wide range of conditions. It delivers in build quality, ergonomics and handling, performance and value for money.

– Fast autofocus system
– Solid burst performance
– High-quality viewfinder
– Great ISO performance
– Excellent image quality

– Lacks a touch-sensitive display
– No advanced image stabilization

7. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera

Smartphones have eliminated the need for low-cost, point and shoot cameras. With that in mind, manufacturers have shifted their focus to creating premium and pricey pocket cameras, which can compete with SLRs when it comes to image quality. The PowerShot G7 X Mark II fits that description perfectly. Featuring a metal chassis, a one-inch image sensor and a zoom lens rated at f/1.8, this camera is a solid performer. It delivers crisp results, a firm grip, and a fast processor. It operates in a highly competitive market segment. However, its features combined with its affordability make it one of the best vlogging camera.

It features solid metal construction, which prevents the camera against high impact shocks. As one of the smallest cameras in its class, it can easily fit in your jeans pocket, making it easy to shoot videos and photos on the go without creating unnecessary attention. Despite its small size, it packs plenty of performance and features. With this camera, you can achieve close focus for as close as 2 inches. When you combine this with the f/1.8 maximum aperture, then you can easily blur the image’s background.

If you usually vlog about holidays and expeditions, then you understand that carrying a big camera is not always practical. This is where the G7 X Mk II comes in. It is highly portable, easy to use and responsive. It also captures high-quality images and videos, which are almost similar to those captured using SLR cameras. It is a great camera in its right.

– Nicely designed
– Large sensor
– Wide aperture lens
– Wi-Fi connectivity
– Touch-sensitive and tilting touchscreen display
– Raw image capture support
– Quick autofocus

– Minimal zoom
– Lacks microphone input
– Macro focusing can be confusing
– Lacks a viewfinder

8. GoPro HERO5 Black

When it comes to action cameras, most people think of only one brand, and that is GoPro. Apart from establishing their presence on the market early, they have a reputation for quality. The Hero5 Black is one of the latest action cameras to come from the company, featuring plenty of features, impressive performances, and ease of use. Shooting action footage is not always easy, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. However, with the Hero5 Black, your task becomes a lot easier. You are left with ample time to edit the content, in readiness for publishing on your vlog. Here are some of the key features of Hero5 Black.

Unlike its predecessor the Hero4, the Hero5 Black is slightly heavier and larger. It has a rectangular shape with a softer body feel and curved corners. The extra weight may be attributed to the additional levels of ruggedness. It is waterproof up to a depth of 33 feet, even without protective housing. With its ruggedness, you can now shoot footage under the water or even use the camera when it’s raining. While using it in wet conditions, ensure all the doors are sealed and closed properly. Unlike previous versions, the Hero5 Black has now opted for a reversible and standard USB, which is faster.

Should you buy the Hero5 Black? Without a doubt, the Hero5 Black is a great, all-round performer, which delivers high-quality footage even in poorly lit conditions. It is easy to use, and its value for money is one of the best you will find in this class.

– Superb image quality
– Eye-catching design
– Great microphones
– Efficient electronic image stabilization
– Waterproof up to 33 feet without a case
– Improved image and video quality

– Low battery life
– Lacks external microphone support without an adapter
– Poor touchscreen responsiveness

9. Sony a7S II ILCE7SM2/B 12.2 MP

Initially launched in 2005, the Sony a7S II belongs to a series of full-frame mirrorless cameras, which are renowned for exceptional performance, detailed videos and images as well as fast image processing. Its immense shooting versatility, combined with great video quality makes it the preferred camera for vloggers.

As noted above, its body features 5-axis image stabilization, which delivers smooth image sharpness, even when shooting in low light conditions. It also comes with enhanced noise reduction for noise control. With the 12.2 Mp Exmor CMOS photo sensor, you can expand an image’s pixels without distorting the quality. Sony has really gone the extra mile to design a professional vlogging camera, which will capture all those details that you want to show to your audience.

If you are looking for a superb, full-frame, 4K mirrorless camera, then the Sony a7S II is highly recommended. As one of the best vlogging camera, it delivers excellent night shooting. Also, vloggers looking for a camera that can shoot creative images and videos in the dark should consider this one.

– Excellent for video footage
– Impressive low-light performance
– Comfortable and compact camera body
– Inbuilt image stabilization
– Sophisticated autofocus performance

– Poor continuous shooting performance
– Low resolution
– Quite pricey for the class

10. Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS 16.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera

Canon has remained one of the best manufacturers of digital cameras in the U.S, for more than a decade. The 110 HS is a good example of their amazing success story. It is compact and affordable while boasting a sharper LCD, a superior sensor, as well as a wider sensitivity range, which can go as high as ISO 3200.

Its overall photo quality is great for its class. Similar to other point and shoot cameras, the more light available, the better the quality of the footage. However, it also captures great indoor photos and videos, delivering up to ISO 800. Colors are bright and vivid, without appearing unnatural. You will also love its exposure. It comes with a wide range of shooting modes, which allow you to capture images and videos according to your specific needs. Canon is renowned for producing compact cameras with excellent images and the 110 HS follows that worthy tradition. It is easy to operate, thus requiring minimal effort on the part of the photographer.

The 110 HS is tiny but cute. It is available in a wide range of colors. It can deliver up to 16 MP, with a stellar image quality. It is specifically designed for snapshooters and casual users. If you have just ventured into vlogging, then should consider investing in this compact camera, as a starting step.

– Small and lightweight
– Ultra-wide angle lens
– Plenty of shooting options
– Fast autofocus

– Limited zoom range
– Relatively short battery life

Best Vlogging Camera 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Vlogging Camera

Vlogging is one of the best ways to maintain a solid online presence. Unlike other online ventures that require sophisticated and expensive equipment, you only need a decent microphone and a nice camera to get you started. However, the camera market is filled with a wide range of devices, which offer different features and options. The best vlogging camera depends on your needs. The needs and preferences of an amateur are not similar to those of a professional vlogger. However, various considerations cut across, when buying a vlogging camera. Here are some of the factors to consider.

– Image and Video Quality

Image and video quality remains one of the key aspects when buying a vlogging camera. Without good image quality, you will not be able to deliver great content to your audience. When buying a vlogging camera, consider one that has full HD or a resolution of at least 1080p. Anything less than that can jeopardize the growth of your channel. However, if you are on a tight budget, then you can consider cameras with a resolution of 720p. If you don’t have budget restrictions and you are looking for the best vlogging camera, then you should invest in a camera that shoots 4K quality footage. You also need to note that you will require a powerful computer to edit 4K quality images and videos.

– Optical Image Stabilization

It’s very common to vlog while on the move or doing other activities that entail plenty of movement. As much as video editing software and YouTube can help to stabilize your footage, they will not achieve the same effect as shooting with a camera that features inbuilt optical image stabilization. With this feature, you will no longer struggle with shaky video footage. Also, the quality of videos on your vlog will improve.

– Audio Quality

Vlogging entails both images and sound. If your sound is not clear, then your followers will not stick around. Therefore, it is important to pay particular attention to the microphone of the camera that you intend to buy. Every camera comes with an inbuilt microphone. However, the inbuilt microphone tends to pick a lot of unwanted noise. Due to that setback, look for a camera that can support an external microphone.

– Your Specific Needs

The best vlogging camera is the one that suits your needs. For example, if you usually record in low light conditions, that you should look for a camera that will help you record high-quality footage. On the other hand, if you are always on the move while vlogging, then you should consider a camera with excellent optical image stabilization, and one with a long battery life.

– Weight

If your vlog involves plenty of traveling, then you need to consider weight, when buying a camera. It is common to capture footage with an extended arm. It is also advisable to invest in a quality tripod stand. Apart from minimizing fatigue while capturing footage, it will also add an extra degree of stability.

Bottom Line

Whether you want to become the biggest YouTube personality or you just want to run your channel, vlogging is the best way to go about it. However, you need to note that having the right camera will make your work easier while giving you the ability to share high-quality content with your audience. The good news is that you don’t have to invest in expensive or fancy equipment, just to shoot a video. Whether you will be filming indoors or outdoors, you can select any of the above-listedvlogging cameras, and you will enjoy the high-quality footage. It is our hope that you will find a perfect vlogging camera from our list, which will suit your needs.

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