How to Clean Your Camera Lenses ?

Taking care of your camera, you can expect a long-term partnership with it for your hobby or job. You want to keep its lens gleaming – without scratches, right? Think of the lens as the window of your camera just as a car’s windshield. Seeing through is hard if you cannot see what’s in front of you because there is dust, rain and smudges building up. The same goes for the lens. You need to learn how to clean your camera lenses so that you can prevent a dusty and smudged one. Or else, you cannot see through the window well and produce bad quality shots.

How to Clean Your Camera Lenses ?

Cleaning it requires time, attention and proper care to avoid damage including scratches. The following tips are what you need to clean them so that they could produce crisp and vivid shots when you photograph stars, let’s say.

1. Dusty lens is a problem when you used your camera in a dusty environment such as a desert or a city. To clean it, use a soft brush. Don’t wipe at this point yet. Wiping them while dusts are still on the surface could result to scratches (No way!).

What to do instead is to remove the dust using the soft-bristled brush. Start from the middle down to the edges.

To dislodge dust on the edges, hold your camera upside down. Make sure that the lens glass’ is pointing to the ground. Let the dust fall while you’re brushing.

Canned air is another item used by other photographers in cleaning off their lenses. The problem with it is that it sometimes gives out too much force. When that happens, the particles have the tendency of going inside the housing of the lens, which give you more work. This commonly happens to cheap lenses. For the best results, the more traditional approach in #1 is what you may want to consider.

There are also brushes to find with small air bulbs. These products can work better than canned air. One can also prevent some saliva coming from your mouth to get to the lens if you’re blowing on the lens. For that matter, the better route is using the air bulb and the brush instead.

2. Use microfiber cloth when wiping the lens. Once done getting rid of the dust, it’s time to clean the camera lens with a very soft cloth – a microfiber cloth. There are many of these to find online and you can get a decent one for a few dollars. This type of cloth is particularly helpful for glass lenses, as they can also get rid of smudges.

A microfiber cloth works with or without a cleaning fluid. You can also use it in cleaning other components of the camera. To start, you must start wiping in the lens’ middle portion going to the edges. You must wipe it in a circular motion to wipe it gently.

3. If you cannot get rid of the smudges using the microfiber cloth alone, then go for another alternative. Use a cleaning fluid specifically made for camera lenses. Use only a few drops on the microfiber cloth – and not directly on the lens. Too much of it will cause damage. Just start with a couple of drops and adjust when needed. A majority of the smudges will clear using a small amount of the fluid.

Using Plain Water

If you don’t have a cleaning fluid, you can use this alternative method in cleaning the lenses, especially if the smudge won’t go away with the dry microfiber cloth alone. And if you don’t have microfiber cloth, use a tissue paper. Do not ever use a rough cloth or a rough paper towel, or it will damage the lens. You must not also use scents and lotions in cleaning the glass lens because they will just smear on it.

Pro Tips

• Make sure to have a good grip of the interchangeable lens or the camera when cleaning it. If not, you might drop the gadget by holding it with one hand and cleaning its surface with the other. You don’t want this to happen because it could break the lens. To do it right, you must hold your device or the lens above or rest it on a counter surface or a table.

• You may also use a blower brush in cleaning. However, you must extend a zoom lens to its wide focal length to access the glass.

• You may also want to buy a cleaning kit, which includes a cleaning fluid, a blower brush and a microfiber cloth.

• If you have a weather-sealed lens, you must not use wet cloth. Instead, you can just use a dry microfiber cloth to get rid of the dust and dirt.

• Be light handed when cleaning your lens. It is fragile and it can break, especially when getting rid of hard to remove smudges and grime. Maintain light pressure.

• Clean the casing because it also picks up grease, grime and dust.

• You must buy a lens filter to protect your lens’ front element. You can look for a standard UV filter and use it for the lens.

• Always clean the lens and keep it that way.

• There are also lens wipes to use in cleaning the lens. These items are disposable, and they have great cleaning capabilities.


There you have our complete guide on how to clean your camera lenses so that they stay looking brand new without the scratches and damage. So again, be light-handed and apply less pressure as possible when cleaning the camera lens. Never use rough paper towel or fabric when getting rid of the dirt, dust and grime. Do not also use lotions, but only cleaning fluid or plain water. Finally, always clean your lens and keep it that way for great quality photos all the time.

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